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After Dark

Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
Christian Woman
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
Love You To Death
Cinnamon Girl
Christian Woman (Naildriver Version)

Ok, the give away for the video

Black No.#1

It's a contest for the gothgirl of the week!
The most gothic/sexy/sinister looking girl wins it, and
that's how it will be done. Email the pictures
to dino
if you don't have a scanner, don't panic just get info from me (dino)
where to mail them. They we be judged April 25th.
I'll post the winner if they wish!

The Videos

click on the video you wanna see to download it! these are complete videos, not clips! so they are zipped, but it unzippes itself.

Love You To Death(complete video)
Mac users:Click here
Windows users:Click here

My Girlfriend's girlfriend(complete video)
Mac users:Click here
windows users:Click here

Black No.#1/Little miss scare all(complete video, but edited for empty vee)
Mac users:Click here
Windows users:Click here

Christian Woman(complete video, but words and length were also edited for empty vee)
Mac users:Click here
Windows users:Click here
Thanks to this dude he made it possible! it seems like he get the news and videos before anyone. so email he's ass!

If you got a good and fast internet connect you can check out these files which is by the way zipped videos, ranging from 15megabites to 24megabites, "my girlfriend's girlfriend", which has two playboy center folds staring in the video(the don't get naked)too bad!

Don't worry it will unzipp itself!

First download a Video playing program from this site!!!
If you use AOL(america on line) go to keyword, "Apple Computer", instead of the website! it should be a faster download speed from what i've heard.

ok, now install the program into your computer (just click the file and it should unzip and install itself, or least that how it worked on my computer!

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